E-mail: elenabur@mi.ru
Address: 26-12, Zaslonova St, Kazan, Tatarstan, 420097, Russia.

Phone: (8432) 365-838
Elena Burundukovskaya has graduated from the Kazan Conservatoire as pianist and organist and from the Russian Academy of Music (Moscow) as the specialist in music art.
Her Ph.D. thesis was Jirolamo Freskobaldi's keyboard works and their perfomance on the organ". (The Moscow State Conservatoire.)
Futher training with L.F.Tagliavini, Ch.Stembridge and M.Radulescu (The Bach Academy, Switzerland) equipped her to pursue her interests as organist and harpsichordist especially in the field of baroque music.
During recent years she has given many organ and harpsichord recitals in Russia as well as in Europe. She took part in such organ events as "Itinerary organistici Bresciani" and "Appuntamenti con gli organi storici di Cremona" in Italy.

She teaches harpsichord and organ in the Kazan State Conservatoire.

Elena Burundukovskaya is available for recitals, recordings and teaching.